Michael Maymann, born 1976, is currently working as a Unix System Specialist at Nokia.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from Roskilde IT School in Denmark.



After primary school, Michael became a mathematical student from HTA in Copenhagen. Before being called up to do his military service, he served as a Support teacher for a 12 year old handicapped boy and substitute teacher on 6th grade. Maymann trained to become a Sergeant of the Royal Danish Airforce, and later qualified to become a Air Traffic Controller student in Copenhagen Airport.

Maymann is a Computer Scientist from Roskilde IT School in Denmark



Straight out of school, Maymann started his professional career as Unix System Manager at the American IT giant Hewlett Packard. He went on to work as Unix System Consultant for the largest danish media enterprise - DR.
Later, he co-founded a IT security company called RackOut, where he served as CEO.

Maymann is currently working as a Unix System Specialist at Nokia.



Maymann has been involved in numerous projects in both HP and DR regarding Network, Security, Monitoring, Unix and Backup.

With the founding of RackOut the ideas was given free rein. He and Dyekjaer developed a smart new IP telephony system - TeleOut.dk. They immediately saw the opportunity of making a fully automated telephone interview platform for the media and research industry, where companies could go to AnalyseOnline.com and manage their interviews.
This way revolutionised certain areas of the industry, and is still widely used for collecting free newspaper opinions.

Security was always an essential part of RackOut and they soon decided to develop a new solution that would solve customers security issues regarding mail and web. Both MailScan and WebFilter solutions was already widely represented in the marked, but especially WebFilter was fundamentally changed for the better.

Maymann is currently working at Nokia as a global SGE (SunGridEngine) ServiceTeam member, Copenhagen Datacenter Manager and locally with:
- NOEL (NOkia Enterprise Linux), FreeBSD, Solaris & HPUX
- PXE boot server: DHCPD + BOOTP & TFTPD
- SMS gateway: SMStools
- Monitoring: Nagios with Nmap (Discovery), SNMP (Equipment), NagVIS (Visualization) & PNP4Nagios (Graphs). Cacti with MacTrack & WeatherMap. NetDisco.
- Remote Connectivety: TightVNC, ExceedOnDemand, NoMachine & Citrix.
- Distributed GNU make: PVMgmake
Pre-compiled binaries of Open Source software: TWW
- Storage: NetApp filers
Backup: Veritas NetBackup



When Michael is not maintaining large Unix systems - he enjoys fitness, soccer, golf and fishing.

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